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What have I learned so far....

This is gonna be a short one. A positive one (no pun intended)

So, what have I learn in these few days after announcing my ban.

Many people reached out people I haven't heard of in 10 years, people I've never met, and people who were always around but never voices their opinion.

Mostly really supportive, some angry and a few trolls who never even read my statement.

I'm really grateful for the support, so thanks so much, you make it easier to cope with this disaster.

There has been also one big change in the way I react to hate messages on social media etc... I'm not hurt by those, at least as much as usually.

I have nothing to lose... Once you're at the bottom, you suddenly have no fear and you're ready for everything.

That's also gonna help me to put out and share my passion with others, training, nutrition, recovery and psychology in sport. Hey what's the worst thing that can happen? Being told I'm an idiot, scam?

As I said, a short one, thanks for reading, and thanks for the support. And for those who hate me, it's ok, I don't blame you, and I love you regardless.


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