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From surviving to living, part 2

A year ago I wrote a blog about how AEQ® method saved my life, how I started living, instead of surviving.

A year later, things changed, they changed profoundly…in a good way I believe.

For starters, let’s talk about AEQ® method. What it is, how it works?

Here’s an excerpt from page:

»Movement and breathing can heal. The AEQ method gives us a new opportunity to address chronic pain, physical and mental problems of the 21st century«

»With the AEQ method, we safely, gently, and reasonably eliminate chronic pain causes in the long run. It’s an education process through which we retrain and consciously change our behavior, posture, and movement. It’s an active, not passive method, a successful way of sensory-motor organic learning, which teaches us how to remove most of our chronic pain in the muscles and movement restriction.

You will learn how to move correctly with the help of simple exercises of the AEQ method and change your habits that cause an imbalance in your body. AEQ exercises allow your brain to redirect and gain control of a new way of movement. Not only will you, if you will do the exercises regularly, walk more fluidly, and without pain, you will also get rid of your painful emotional baggage, stress, and anger. «

AEQ® method does everything it claims to do and more, AEQ® made me a different person. Many knew me as shy, quiet guy, who can ride his bike. He crashes a lot, has a lot of bad luck, but he was pretty good back in his day. Out of cycling I was nowhere, I mean, literally nowhere. I was extremely asocial, couldn’t talk to people, didn’t reply to calls, messages, I didn’t exist.

Even when it comes to family, I was wasn’t a good husband or a parent. I was always on the road, running away from reality and even when I wasn't away, I was in my own world, at home, but not present. Very rarely I would show any emotions, other than sadness, worry. No laughter, no happiness, very little love. Even though I loved my kids and spouse, I couldn’t show those emotions. I never learned, experienced those emotions in my childhood. This is called tradition. Your parents get it from their parents, pass it on to you, and you pass it to your kids. It is what it is, they say, it’s my destiny…

AEQ® is a method you can change tradition and future with. If you’re willing to learn, work, understand, cope with emotions along the way, swallow red pill every now and then, life can become full of love, happiness and joy. More importantly, your kids will have a much better life as well.

Who am I now? I believe I’ve come far. Far away from insecure cyclist, who loved and hated cycling at the same time. Loved because it made me feel good, hated, because I was addicted to cycling and couldn’t live without it. I can talk to anyone, I love talking to people, strangers even. I’ve met more people, in the past 18 months, than 15 years of my cycling career. Family life is different, I’m more engaging, happier, loving. I can show love, and they feel it. The whole family is changing in a way I’ve always wanted, but never experienced as a child. With us changing, our loved ones will change as well….slowly, it takes time, patience, work and actions.

My big goal, or let’s say, my primary goal, is to become top AEQ® teacher. Becoming a top AEQ® teacher means primarily working on myself first. You can only help others to the point, which you helped yourself. I want to educate and help others, other cyclists, athletes who are in a similar situation, like I was. And there’s many of them. Some know they have a problem, other will realise eventually. I talk to many of them, they send me messages, replies on my social media posts. They know they have a problem, but don’t know how to fix it. There is so many emotions trapped, suppressed in those athletes, they’ve adapted in a way, so they don’t feel those emotions, they’re chronically tense…that’s called sensory-motor amnesia. And that’s taking the toll on their bodies. Not feeling emotions, means not feeling the body. Sensory-motor amnesia allows a lie between the body and the mind…living in illusion.

Cycling is a beautiful sport, but it’s also a sport of broken people, whether you like it or not. We should fix it, at least to a certain point. They deserve it, athletes deserve it.

For more about AEQ® method and it's inventor, Aleš Ernst, go to or



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