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With my passion for exercise & nutrition sciences, AEQ method Level 2 and aeq breathing level 2 teacher certificate, I better understand body-mind connection

My goal is, to mentor athletes through their careers, and saving them the pain, the tears, the mental health issues, I went through.  

With AEQ method, we are learning to reconnect our mind with our body. With the speed of life nowadays, we tend to focus more on the environment, rather than on ourselves, within ourselves. We alienated our mind from our body, we don't feel what our body is trying to tell us. Acute pain becomes chronic. 

With AEQ method we'll improve our efficiency of movement, efficiency of breathing, efficiency of completing tasks. Better efficiency, more order, less disorder, less entropy.  Life is movement, movement is breathing, breathing is feeling. Change you breathing, your movement and you'll change your life.

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