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 Podcast episode 914: InnerFight with Jani Brajkovič

Join us for an insightful discussion in episode 914 of the InnerFight podcast featuring me. In this episode, we explore predictions for the 2024 Tour de France and delve into my personal journey. We touch on various essential topics, including self-awareness, control, and authenticity.

Main Topics Covered:

  •  Predictions for the 2024 Tour de France

  •  Impact of Racing Style

  •  My Personal Journey

  •  Cycling Career and Challenges

  •  Self-Awareness and Behavioral Change

  •  Connection with the Body

  •  Impact of Constant Activity

  •  Childhood and Subconscious Patterns

  •  Professional Athletes and Balance

  •  Importance of Emotional Maturity

  •  Time Management and Stress

  •  Self-Awareness and Personal Growth

  •  Personal Responsibility and Parenting

  • Transformation and Authenticity



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